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Having Trouble with an Immigration Court?

Immigration courts are often busy working through dozens of cases at the same time. As a result of the government shutdown, immigration courts may slow their process for many cases and shelf some cases until after things have been resolved in Washington D.C. According to ABC News, immigration courts will remain open during the shutdown, but some cases may be shelved until funding resumes.

Immigration attorneys tell The Washington Post that the petitions for political asylum and non-emergency deportation will be delayed for months if the shutdowns last more than a few days. This is because there will be a backlog as cases continue to come to the courts but are halted and shelved. As a backup begins, it will make it more and more complicated for individuals to get their case heard in an immigration court.

If you want to work on your case, you need an aggressive New York immigration attorney who will do all he or she can to make sure that you are heard and given the attention necessary in your case. Contact a lawyer at Pozo Goldstein today to get representation and to take action in the immigration court. Whether you need assistance with deportation defense or need to resolve a dispute about a visa or a green card, an attorney at this firm will be able to help you.

As the government continues to work through the shocking shutdown, immigration cases may be put aside. Don't let your case be shelved and remain unresolved for months on end, when an aggressive immigration lawyer may be able to help you get your case resolved in a shorter amount of time. Attorney Goldstein is a former immigration judge, and has valuable connections in law enforcement that may be able to help you with your case!

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