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Myths of Immigration-Immigration Law Firm in NYC

Immigration is a very hot topic with the newly elected President Trump entrance into the political scene. With the new president all over the news and the constant inflation and deflation of the facts going on between news sources, it can be difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction in the world of immigration. At Pozo Goldstein, and as one of the top Immigration Law Firm in NYC, we feel it is important the discuss some of these myths.

Immigration Myth #1 – Most Immigrants Are Here Illegally

As the media continues to talk about the rise of illegal immigrants in the United States, it is often overlooked that most of the foreign people in the United States are here legally. According to ACS data in 2014, the U.S. immigrant population was a little more than 42.4 million, or 13.3 %, of the total U.S. population of 318.9 million. This compares to in 2014, about 11 million or 3.5% immigrants that were here illegally, according to PEW Research. Also, compared to PEW Research, the amount of illegal immigrants have remained unchanged since 2009. At Pozo Goldstein, Immigration Law Firm in NYC, we work with thousands of clients every year to make sure they come to the United States with everything they need to be here safely and legally.

Immigration Myth #2 – Immigrants Do Not Want To Become Americanized

Another falsity, in 2014 over 650,000 people chose to become American citizens. At our Immigration Law Firm in NYC, we helped thousands become citizens by giving them the information that they needed to work with our attorneys as well as study for and complete the necessary tests to become citizens. Not only did these people need to take these tests but they also had to get into the country in the first place, learn English, learn American history and have the dedication to get what they deserved from the country that they love.

Immigration Myth #3 – Immigrants Bring Crime

This topic recently came to light again after a series of remarks from President Trump during a Republican debate. Over the past two decades, violent crime is down as a whole in the United States by over 40% while some immigrants in the country have gone up 400%.  At our Immigration Law Firm in NYC, we have helped many extraordinary people come to the United States.

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In conclusion, there are many myths about immigration in this country. Sometimes we can forget that our nation was built by and brought about by immigrants and without them, very very few of us would be here. If you or a loved one if facing an immigration issue contact our office Immigration Law Firm in NYC today for a free consultation.