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This could never have been possible without Freida Goldstein and her team

My journey started 10 years ago when I a US citizen married an immigrant that was in the country for over 30yrs. My husband first came to United States because of political instability and persecution of the people in Haiti under Papa Doc. When we first got married, we went to Catholic Charities for advise to obtain a green card for my husband. We were naïve about the immigration laws, not understanding if you came into the country without inspection, that it was virtually impossible to obtain a green card.2 years later after our marriage in 2010, Haiti sustained a massive earthquake, ravaged the island, claiming over 250,000 lives. That led the United States to grant the Haitian people residing in America Temporary Protected Status (TPS). In 2010 I applied immediately for TPS for my husband. With TPS I was able to apply for Advanced Parole which allowed him to travel back and forth from US to his country, and got re-inspected every time he returned to US. He was able to reunite with his mother after 30+ years of being apart. Fast forward to 2016 when Trump became President, he started to implement all these strict immigration policies causing all these fears in the immigration communities, we were no exception! Our fear lead us to Freida Goldstein. I just wanted to explore our immigration options for my husband and I. I initially spoke to her on the phone, after explaining our situation to her over the phone, her first question was “have you travelled outside the country” I responded, yes through Advanced Parole. She told me that my HUSBAND CAN APPLY FOR A GREEN CARD SINCE EVERYTIME HE REINTERED THE COUNTRY HE WAS RE-INSPECTED. I could not believe my ears!!! Met with her a week later in March 2017 started the process of getting my husband his green card. God sent me to Freida Goldstein. She is so kind, professional, an excellent lawyer who really cares about her clients. Any documents requested by USCIS were submitted in a timely fashion by her office. Freida and her team were awesome. We could not have asked for a better lawyer! May 2018 my husband finally received what we have been waiting for over 30+ years of his life his green card. This could never have been possible without Freida Goldstein and her team… Thank you, thank you, thank you….

Pat Louis | Google Review