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New York Immigration Lawyers

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Immigration Issues & Information

There are many reasons to immigrate and there are many ways to immigrate, establish permanent residency and become a citizen. There are ways to immigrate through visas, as well as to visit temporarily through visas for the purposes of tourism, investment, various business and many others. With any form of immigration or visa, there are long and difficult processes involved, as well as confusing documentation, background checks and many other procedures. If you are considering immigration, then you will greatly benefit from the legal expertise of a New York immigration attorney from Pozo Goldstein, LLP. Our firm will be able to assist you in any of your immigration needs; we offer assistance in many areas of practice.

Our firm will be able to assist you in all of the following areas:

  • AdoptionsAdoption is a wonderful thing and most families benefit greatly from adoption. However the adoption process can be extremely difficult in many ways, not just the legal implications of bringing a person into the United States and the difficulties that go along with that.
  • Advance ParoleFor aliens who haven’t established permanent residency in the U.S., advance parole offers a means for re-entering the country despite the alien’s lack of a valid immigration visa. The conditions upon which advance parole can be used are limited, so make sure that you work with an attorney when considering this option.
  • AppealsWhen you apply to become a U.S. citizen, there is usually the possibility of your application being denied. Upon denial, you have a 30 day window to appeal the decision made by the court, and during this time if the appeal is accepted, there is the potential for your application for permanent residency to be accepted.
  • AsylumIf you are facing persecution in your country of origin due to race, religious practice or association, political views, or association with a particular social group, or for a number of other reasons, you may be able to apply for asylum in the United States. This can be a tedious and difficult process without the proper knowledge or aid.
  • Bond / Detention When someone is being detained by ICE, there is usually the option of a bond that will release them from detention while their case is being reviewed. However there are some conditions that will disqualify a person from having the option of a bond.
  • Business ImmigrationThere are many different reasons why someone would want to immigrate. One of these reasons is for a business opportunity. There is a particular visa that is required for business immigration, as well as a particular procedure involved in establishing residency.
  • Business VisaEvery now and then there is an opportunity that arises; in order to capitalize on this you may need a business visa. A business visa is issued for the purpose of conducting business in a temporary amount of time. The allotted time for a business visa can vary, and the allowances for certain activities can be strict.
  • Cancellation of Removal If an illegal alien is arrested, their citizenship status may be checked, if they are found to be in the U.S. illegally, they may be deported or removed. If a person is facing deportation, there is an option available to them. This option is called a cancellation of removal. It involves a legal procession where the person must apply to be able to stay in the United States.
  • CitizenshipThe issue of citizenship in the United States can be a very difficult one. There is a difference between citizenship and permanent residency. When applying for citizenship, there are many procedures to go through, and there are other steps that must be taken in order to be eligible for citizenship.
  • Crimes & ImmigrationWhen a foreign national wishes to immigrate, there are many issues that may arise that will disqualify them from being eligible. One of these disqualifications is that of a criminal record. While most crimes such as minor traffic tickets may not disqualify, there are many others that will.
  • Deferred ActionFor undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who entered before the age of 16, the Deferred Action policy can offer you the opportunity to remain in the country for up to two years (or possibly longer). Seek “deferred action” status under the representation of an attorney at our firm.
  • Department of Homeland Security The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for the enforcement and administration of immigration matters, particularly as they apply to cases which involve the potential threat of terrorism or criminal behaviors.
  • Deportation DefenseIf you are facing deportation, our firm is here to help. Deportation can be a very scary situation to face, there may be excessive persecution waiting for you in your country of origin, or a number of other reasons. There are options for people who face deportation.
  • Documentation RequirementsEach immigration action will require a number of distinct forms and documents, including passports, visas, and marriage or birth certificates. Our legal team works to ensure that clients are fully aware of the documents and forms they will need during their unique immigration process.
  • ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement is a branch of the U.S. Homeland Security Department. Immigrants who have been criminally accused can be detained by ICE and could be in jeopardy of deportation. The best way to protect against being sent back to your country of origin is by aligning yourself with an immigration lawyer in New York.
  • Employment Eligibility VerificationFor those who wish to come to the United States in order to work temporarily or to reside and work in the U.S. there is a procedure called employment eligibility verification. This is the I-9 form, which is generally filled out at the time of employment, where the applicant must be able to provide acceptable documentation in order to prove their eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • For FamiliesWhen a person wishes to immigrate to the United States in order to be with their family, there is an option available to this person, which involves a family member petitioning the government to grant lawful residency to this person. The U.S. citizen family member will be called a sponsor of the person who wishes to immigrate.
  • Family VisasSometimes a work visa or permanent residency may be granted to an individual in order that he may work in the United States. When this happens, there is generally division of his family across borders. There is an option available that can reunite families for a period of time called family visas.
  • Fiancé Visas There are countless ways for two people to meet and fall in love where one resides in the United States and the other is not a lawful citizen. If the couple should wish to wed, their legal citizenship can cause problems. Fortunately there is an option called a fiancé visa, where one member may stay in the U.S. and establish residency before and after the wedding, generally this is a 90 period.
  • For Employers If you are an employer seeking to hire foreign nationals, there is a lot of information you must be aware of, as well as some key information that is absolutely indispensable that you know. There are issues such as I-9 forms that you must be well informed of in order to prevent serious legal penalties.
  • Green Card A green card is required when attempting to establish permanent residency. Applying for a green card can be a very competitive process as the U.S. government only issues a limited number of permanent residency visas per year. There are many eligibility requirements that you must meet as well as extensive documentation that must be completed.
  • Humanitarian ParoleHumanitarian parole is offered to foreign nationals who would otherwise be considered inadmissible to the United States. If a compelling emergency is recognized by the USCIS, inadmissible foreign nationals can be granted temporary parole in the U.S.
  • Immigration VisaThere are essentially two different kinds of visas; these are immigration visas and non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas include family visas, fiancé visas, work visas and many more. An immigration visa essentially means that the person wishes to stay in the United States for an extended period of time.
  • Immigration and Nationality Act The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) was created in 1952 as a way to combine and organize all immigration statutes into one place. Since its inception, the INA has been amended numerous times. Today, it is used as a means of governing immigration matters throughout the United States.
  • Investment VisaEvery now and then there are opportunities that arise, that must be capitalized on immediately. If you want to capitalize on an investment opportunity but you are outside the country where the investment resides, there is an option available to you. An investment visa is available to those who wish to make an investment that requires them to travel overseas.
  • Labor CertificationIn some cases, the government may issue a labor certification to a foreign national in order that he may come to the United States to work permanently. There are many difficult procedures to obtaining a labor certification for your prospective employee, you must prove many things such as that there are no adequate employees to fill this position in the U.S.
  • NaturalizationNaturalization is a process by which one can become a citizen of the United States. It involves knowing the constitution, the English language, having a commendable background as well as many other requirements.
  • New York Immigration Laws If you are facing an immigration issue of any nature in the state of New York, it is important that you understand more than just the federal regulations that can govern your case. In addition, you must be aware of the state laws that could affect your immigration status and the outcome of your case. To do so, you can speak with an attorney from our firm for the information that you need.
  • Military CitizenshipMilitary members and their dependents may be eligible for expedited citizenship and naturalization rights, presuming they apply for them under the direction of a professional attorney.
  • Non-Immigrant Visa Non-immigrant visas are one of two overarching categories of visa, the other is an immigration visa. A non-immigrant visa could be a student visa, a tourist visa, a short term investment visa and many others. This kind of visa essentially means that the applicant does not wish to stay for an extended period of time, and will return to their country of origin.
  • Student Visa One of the many non-immigrant visas is a student visa. It is used to bring a student into the United States for the purpose of attending an educational school as opposed to a vocational school. The program enrolled in must be approved by the government in order to obtain a student visa.
  • Temporary Protected StatusTemporary Protected Status, or TPS, is designed by the Secretary of Homeland Security and is issued based upon conditions that would prevent a particular country’s nationals from returning to their country of origin safely. TPS can be granted under circumstances of civil war, environmental disaster, and more.
  • USCIS Premium Processing ProgramIf you need your immigration petition processed faster than the normal wait times associated with the process, you may be able to utilize the USCIS Premium Processing Program for an expedited experience. The 15-day calendar upon which this program operates could significantly decrease the timeframe in which your case is handled.
  • U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionThe U.S. Customs and Border Protection is a federal law enforcement agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, and it is primarily responsible for regulating international trade and preventing against terrorist acts. Accordingly, CBP is involved in trade, customs, and immigration.
  • Visa When a foreign national wishes to come into the United States whether for the purpose of attending school, to capitalize on a rare investment opportunity or even to establish permanent residency or become a citizen, they will need a visa of some sort. There are many visas for many different purposes and situations. It is important to know what visa will fit your desires in order to make the application process easier.
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility While applying for a visa, there is the danger of being disqualified from admissibility to the U.S. based on criminal record or disease and other medical reasons. It is important to know that if you are excluded from admissibility, there is an option available to you called a waiver of inadmissibility; it is essentially an appeal to the decision.
  • Work VisaAmong the many visas available to those wishing to enter the U.S. for various reasons, there is the work visa. A work visa allows a person to reside and work in the United States, sometimes the allotted time period is indefinite, but it can be revoked by a felony conviction as well as other factors.

Immigration Lawyer Serving New York, New York

At Pozo Goldstein, LLP our firm is dedicated to providing the best possible legal service to all of our clients. If you or a loved one is seeking to enter the United States for work, school, or another reason whether to stay permanently and become a citizen, or for a temporary visit, then you will benefit from the legal aid of an immigration lawyer from our firm. On our legal team we have former immigration prosecutors as well as a former judge. This gives our firm access to the legal experience and insight of those who have served in all areas of the court room. This is a wonderful advantage that we can offer to our clients that few other law firms can match. We offer a free in-house case evaluation as well as 24/7 contact availability, nights, weekends, and holidays.