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My wife who is from Canada is going through the immigration process, and having Steven and Freida as our lawyers made it the most smooth and pleasant process. although busy they were always available for us, with no question being too big or too small. Steven and Freida are the most pleasant, kind, experienced, professional attorneys that i know, their proficiency in immigration law made us feel so comfortable and secure throughout the entire process. Thank g-d my wife already received her green card and and is looking forward to becoming a U.S citizen!
we would strongly recommend Pozo Goldstein for anybody that needs a immigration lawyer.
Thank you Steven, Freida and the Pozo Goldstein team.



Frieda Goldstein and her elite team are the best immigration law office anywhere. We had previously worked with 2 other immigration attorneys, neither of which had the experience nor the knowledge to help us. Frieda and her very experienced team were able to correct a very complicated immigration matter for my partner and enable her to acquire her US citizenship. We are so grateful to Frieda!! The Pozo/Goldstein team genuinely cares about their clients and kept in touch to answer questions and keep us updated. Thank goodness for Frieda and her team! They are the truly the best!

Freida is very professional and definitely a positive experience

Frieda was very professional, friendly and helpful. Her expertise in immigration law put my husband and I at ease throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Frieda to anyone needing immigration services.

My experience with Ms. Frieda was very effective and helpful. I would recommend her to anybody who needs help with their immigration papers because she is always willing to help and helps in a friendly and comfortable way. Every time I would go to her office she would always have a vibrant and positive attitude that made happy. She is very smart and knows how to get the work done.

Freida Goldstein is my saver, she was more than skilled to see the solution I needed, I was so blessed to find her after 2 awful past experiences.
When it comes to very serious matters, it is very important to be advised with the right people, skilled and talented.
Freida Goldstein and her entire office were very professional, available and around the clock for every step. And I appreciated all the heart and the empathy more than anything/
Freida Goldstein is a very brilliant lawyer and a very beautiful human being.
You are the best Freida!
Thank you

I was troubled on every side, yet not distressed, I was perplexed but not despaired, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed only because Frieda Goldstein came to the rescue.God in his mercy used Frieda Goldstein to grant me my citizenship.If her wealth of experience and knowledge in immigration matters coupled with her profound and vehement drive for positive results for her clients are anything to go by, I will recommend her for all your immigration matters. Frieda Goldstein keeps up the good work and thanks again for challenging and defeating the system that denied me citizenship for tax evasion.

Pozo Goldstein efficiently managed my Visa application, I found them to be easy to communicate with, responsive to questions and quietly confident in their process. I appreciated the way they broke down the requested information required from the government issued checklists. They clarified all the terms and related the urgency and importance of certain documents, allowing me to prioritize. Their hard work was effective, my interview went smoothly and I am now a proud holder of a green card.
I will certainly use them next time!

I honestly thought my life was over before I met Frieda Goldstein. I was frustrated and angry with the system. This deportation case took me through hell and back but she remained positive and professional throughout my rants. She’s diligent, kindhearted, knowledgeable, and an overall beautiful human being. She worked really hard to get my case dismissed. I am proud to say last week I became a United States Citizen. If I didn’t seek her help I wouldn’t be this happy today. I would 100% recommend Mrs. Frieda Goldstein. I will forever be thankful for all she has done for me. 🙂

Mrs. Gyires has patiently followed my case for a non-immigrant VISA for more than 1.5 years, always available to answer my many doubts and questions, to recommend me the way to go. She has been indefatigable, persistent and available in defending my case and eventually winning it. It was by no means an easy visa petition; many a lawyer had told me before it would be almost impossible to get it. Yet Mrs. Gyires’ skills and knowledge made it possible for me to get what I was hoping for and even much more. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to work with Mrs. Gyires again in the future!

I recently petitioned for a green card for my new wife. Ms. Frieda Goldstein was very knowledgeable and made me feel very relaxed when I first met her. She went through everything with me and my wife very thoroughly. We had many questions for her. She answered all of them with ease and made the process very simple and educational. We thought we were talking to a friend. We were able to contact here anytime and that was a relief. The whole process was great and I would definitely recommend her anyone. One more thing, the associate in Miami, Felicia Richards was wonderful to work with. The whole process was a pleasure.

In 2013 I found myself in deportation status. I was completely terrified, as I have lived in the US 30 years. I have children here, a business, a home and a life. Steven Goldstein came to me very highly recommended. He did not disappoint! he was with me every step of the way, and was immensely kind and understanding. He answered questions, returned phone calls and emails without hesitation and truly made me feel as if he cared. I was a human being, and not a case number. We won our case yesterday and a cannot say enough about my amazing experience with him!!

Frieda was an absolute pleasure to deal with during the Green card process for my family. We were always able to reach her by phone/e-mail, and she also helped to calm us down during this stressful process. Frieda compiled all the information we needed and prepared us for the Green card interview very well. She was with us every step of the way and my family is grateful to her for winning the case!

After speaking with more than 10 different immigration lawyers about my husband’s case and reading all the online reviews from previous clients at AVVO. I decided to hire Pozo Goldstein to defend my husband against his removal and deportation process by ICE. Mr. Goldstein and one of associates at the office were able to TERMINATE my husband’s case. My husband was released just after 21 days of being detained. His charges did not qualify for bond and Mr. Goldstein was trying to get him out on parole at least. The case was a HUGE success! No Bond, No Parole, CASE TERMINATED and my husband is still a resident and will not be deported. Mr. Goldstein was always available throughout the entire process, and would respond to all of my emails at any time. I do not wish anyone to go through a situation like this one, but with attorneys like Mr. Goldstein all you can expect is trust, honesty, and a Great Defense which is what we all expect.

My case was a little complicated no lawyer wanted to get involved! Here they told me that they can help me so I stayed… And I’m happy I did! They help through the whole process answer all my questions till I received my GREEN CARD. Thank you!