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Mrs. Goldstein combined her knowledge, experience, and persistence to fight my case. She not only gave me hope, she delivered and found a way when the odds were against me. She refused to give up on me. My family and I are eternally grateful for her service and I highly recommend Mrs. Freida Goldstein with no hesitation. Her determination will bring you victory! I can’t thank the Pozo Goldstein team enough for what they have done for me. They are the best!

Louise L | Google Review

Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein truly care for the success of their clients. My mother’s case was denied by 3 lawyers prior to meeting Mrs. Goldstein. Her positivity towards the outcome, clear communication, and instant dedication gave me a peace of mind. I knew right away that we were in good hands! The entire staff is welcoming and responsive and they make you feel like you’re not alone in what can be a nerve racking process. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for the outcome. Thank you so much for all you do Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein and thank you for giving my family so much joy!

Jennifer Konan | Google Review

These were 4 long and hard years for my Family. In fact, we were in limbo and the most scaring and frustrating was that we did not have an idea how long it would take to get an asylum approval if at all, if we ever would be able to see our parents overseas alive. All those recent anti-immigration sentiments undermined our confidence in positive consideration of our case. And only Frieda had been calm, giving us confidence and peace of mind. Besides, when I had problems with funds Frieda made us great discounts. She made us to believe in ourselves and prepared us for the interview getting in every important detail. And we WON!!! Last week I received my FINAL APPROVAL!!! Frieda, thank you not only on behalf of me, my wife and our 3 kids, but on behalf of all our descendants who will ever born and enjoy their lives in America. The day we won you said we made your day. YOU MADE OUR LIVES!!! WE LOVE YOU. THANK YOU!!!

Saeed | Google Review

It’s awesome to be part of this great, passionate and God fearing team at Pozo Goldstein.
Freida Goldstein has touched our lives with her professional input in ensuring we had our Asylum case won. August 6th ’18 was a day to remember for ever and we are happy to be one of Freida’s success story.
They made us comfortable throughout the whole process. We prevailed and won our political asylum case from Nigeria. By the grace of God and Jesus Christ our prayers are answered and soon we will all be American citizens. If you are out there and you need a professional hand to handle your immigration case, please contact Pozo Goldstein. I’m a living testimony and I’m recommending them.

Thanks to the team.
Long life Pozo Goldstein.

Ayodele Damilola | Google Review

Frieda Goldstein worked on my case and it was a success! My case was one of the more complex ones and Frieda and her team did a great job! I had to respond to a request for evidence and of course that made me really nervous, however Frieda took the time to walk me through it and told me exactly what I needed to do and what paperwork I needed to submit. She also wrote a statement that we submitted to the USCIS and the evidence we provided was so strong and well prepared that I received my green card in the mail without having to go to an interview! She is always available and even if not in the office she always responds quickly via email/text. Frieda and her team did a great job on keeping me updated and assisted me with all of my requests including change of address and scheduling/preparing for infopass appointment! I strongly recommend Frieda Goldstein and her team. She gave a consultation free of charge to a referral. This process is lengthy and could be very overwhealming so it is important to have an experienced and reliable attorney!

Gergana Stoy | Google Review

My journey started 10 years ago when I a US citizen married an immigrant that was in the country for over 30yrs. My husband first came to United States because of political instability and persecution of the people in Haiti under Papa Doc. When we first got married, we went to Catholic Charities for advise to obtain a green card for my husband. We were naïve about the immigration laws, not understanding if you came into the country without inspection, that it was virtually impossible to obtain a green card.2 years later after our marriage in 2010, Haiti sustained a massive earthquake, ravaged the island, claiming over 250,000 lives. That led the United States to grant the Haitian people residing in America Temporary Protected Status (TPS). In 2010 I applied immediately for TPS for my husband. With TPS I was able to apply for Advanced Parole which allowed him to travel back and forth from US to his country, and got re-inspected every time he returned to US. He was able to reunite with his mother after 30+ years of being apart. Fast forward to 2016 when Trump became President, he started to implement all these strict immigration policies causing all these fears in the immigration communities, we were no exception! Our fear lead us to Freida Goldstein. I just wanted to explore our immigration options for my husband and I. I initially spoke to her on the phone, after explaining our situation to her over the phone, her first question was “have you travelled outside the country” I responded, yes through Advanced Parole. She told me that my HUSBAND CAN APPLY FOR A GREEN CARD SINCE EVERYTIME HE REINTERED THE COUNTRY HE WAS RE-INSPECTED. I could not believe my ears!!! Met with her a week later in March 2017 started the process of getting my husband his green card. God sent me to Freida Goldstein. She is so kind, professional, an excellent lawyer who really cares about her clients. Any documents requested by USCIS were submitted in a timely fashion by her office. Freida and her team were awesome. We could not have asked for a better lawyer! May 2018 my husband finally received what we have been waiting for over 30+ years of his life his green card. This could never have been possible without Freida Goldstein and her team… Thank you, thank you, thank you….

Pat Louis | Google Review

As a same sex couple, my spouse and I were apprehensive about where to turn to begin his road to citizenship following our July, 2013 legal marriage. We took to the internet and discovered Frieda Goldstein, who was then at the Miami Office of Pozo/Goldstein, LLP. We met with Frieda and felt confident she would lead us through the tedious task of forms, interviews and patience. Frieda was there at every step assuring us that the process would be successful, and it was. My spouse will be taking his Citizenship Oath on May 11th, and we are so happy with the help, encouragement and support that Frieda provided during the entire odyssey. If you’re looking for an attorney who is kind, competent and dedicated, look to Frieda Goldstein for your immigration related issues. She will be our friend for life.

Rey White | Google Review

Mrs. Frieda Goldstein made our immigration experience very positive and much more smoother than it possibly could be.  Everyone who immigrated to the USA knows how sometimes complicated the process is. We highly recommend Mrs. Frieda and her wonderful team! Excellent job, kind and human attitude, prompt and always professional assistance!

Elena Clark | Google Review

Many thanks to Mrs. Frieda Goldstein for helping to realize the dream of becoming a citizen of the United States of America.

She was professional, pleasant and very knowledgeable in walking through the process.

I will highly recommend Mrs. Goldstein and her great staff to anyone needing Immigration assistance.

Arlington Sinckler | Google Review

Frieda is a great lawyer. She personally helped my wife and I through successful green card process. Her detailed prep work before filing applications and interviews is the hallmark of an attentive lawyer. Frieda was always very responsive via email, phone and in person. We had many last minute questions and she was quick to respond with insightful answers. I would definitely recommend Frieda to anyone that needs a great immigration lawyer.

Book Mark | Google Review

Our case was not complicated but still a little stressful because of the long wait. However, Atty Freida and her staff made our immigration experience tolerable. They kept us updated and every questions and concerns that I had, always got an answer. I would definitely recommend Atty. Freida, you can never get someone who actually cares for their clients than her.

Jo Aust | Google Review

The most amazing attorney. Ms Goldstein was able to get my VAWA case approved, get me a work authorization and now I’m just waiting on my green card. I am beyond thankful for the work she was able to do for me.

Vesna Savcic | Google Review

Frieda Goldstein and her elite team are the best immigration law office anywhere. We had previously worked with 2 other immigration attorneys, neither of which had the experience nor the knowledge to help us. Frieda and her very experienced team were able to correct a very complicated immigration matter for my partner and enable her to acquire her US citizenship. We are so grateful to Frieda!! The Pozo/Goldstein team genuinely cares about their clients and kept in touch to answer questions and keep us updated. Thank goodness for Frieda and her team! They are the truly the best!

Barbara Brunetto | Google Review

My wife who is from Canada is going through the immigration process, and having Steven and Freida as our lawyers made it the most smooth and pleasant process. although busy they were always available for us, with no question being too big or too small. Steven and Freida are the most pleasant, kind, experienced, professional attorneys that i know, their proficiency in immigration law made us feel so comfortable and secure throughout the entire process. Thank g-d my wife already received her green card and and is looking forward to becoming a U.S citizen!

We would strongly recommend Pozo Goldstein for anybody that needs a immigration lawyer.

Thank you Steven, Freida and the Pozo Goldstein team.

Yossi Kagan | Google Review

Frieda was very professional, friendly and helpful. Her expertise in immigration law put my husband and I at ease throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Frieda to anyone needing immigration services.

Alina | Google Review