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Documentation Requirements

Your immigration case is as unique as you are. Contact our New York immigration attorneys now to learn more about your specific documentation requirements.

Understanding Common Immigration Forms & Documents

Individuals, families, and employers interested in completing any type of immigration action will soon realize that every procedure and process will require documentation. While each specific action may entail the use of unique documents and forms, there are a few common documents many applicants will need to supply United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). At Pozo & Goldstein, LLC, our New York immigration lawyers know that the immigration process can appear overwhelming, especially in light of the numerous forms and documents required. As we provide step-by-step assistance, however, we are confident that we have the knowledge and patience to ensure that clients fully understand the paperwork they will need at each stage of their journey.

Although required forms can vary from case to case, the following information can help you gain a better understanding about the most common immigration documents and the importance of keeping track of all necessary forms and paperwork.

Passports are one of the primary documents U.S. government officials use to establish identity. Depending on the process initiated with the USCIS, applicants may have to supply a government issued passport. If a foreign citizen does not have a legitimate passport, applications for a waiver may need to be filed.

Visas are the most essential document foreign citizens will obtain prior to entering the United States. All foreign nationals must obtain a valid visa, which will vary depending on the purpose for their visit, in order to enter a U.S. port of entry. Visas do not necessarily grant automatic admission into the U.S., as all foreign citizens are required to first gain clearance from a U.S. customs agent. Additionally, citizens of eligible countries may be able to obtain waivers that will permit them to enter the country for a limited stay without a visa.

I-94 / I-95
Foreign national visa holders who have gained lawful permission to enter the country will receive an I-94 or I-95 document. I-94 /I-95 forms serve as documented evidence of a foreign citizen’s admission into the United States. These arrival – departure records must be in the possession of a foreign national at all times during their stay in the county. They will also contain information regarding their arrival and departure, as well as the duration of their visa. Foreign nationals filing applications for a change of status, adjustment of status, or green card will also need an I-94 / I-95 form.

Green Card
Form I-551, also known as a green card, is the formal document that establishes a foreign national’s admission into the United States on a permanent basis. The document can be used to show U.S. officials and other government officers that the holder has lawful permission to live and work in the country.

Re-Entry Permits
Lawful permanent residents will be required to obtain a re-entry permit when traveling out of the country for up to two years. Re-entry permits will allow holders to maintain permanent resident status while out of the country.

Marriage & Birth Certificates

Applicants seeking to complete actions for family-based immigration will be required to provide documentation that proves their relationship to the party filing a petition. Marriage and birth certificates, for example, are commonly used documents in the immigration process.

Contact a New York Immigration Attorney to Learn More About Documentation

As our legal team is focused on providing personal attention 24/7, prospective clients can feel confident knowing that experienced New York immigration lawyers are available to clarify and explain all the relevant documents and forms they will need for their chosen action. As each individual and action may require specific documentation, it is strongly recommended that any individual, family, or employer in need of assistance speak personally with a member of our legal team to learn precisely what documents will be required and what our firm can do to help. Trust in a firm that has spent years guiding clients through the immigration process. Contact a New York immigration attorney from Pozo & Goldstein, LLC today.