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IDNYC Program Could Backfire for New York City Immigrants


Information willingly provided by undocumented immigrants in New York City may soon be used against them by immigration authorities in the area. This could result in deportations of individuals and families who participated in the IDNYC program instituted in 2015. This initiative was intended to provide added security for those without proper identification and to allow them to sign property leases and open bank accounts in their own names.

A Good Idea Gone Wrong

Mayor Bill de Blasio instituted IDNYC in a well-intentioned effort to help those who had fallen through the cracks of the social safety net in New York City to establish their identity with banks, housing agencies and other key service providers in the metropolitan area. During the implementation of this new ID system, digital copies of personal data were collected by the city and stored on a secure server. That information could soon be used by immigration officials to pinpoint the location of individuals who participated in IDNYC and to pursue them for deportation.

Mayor Vows to Protect Data

De Blasio has stated publicly that he will not turn over the data stored by the city to immigration officials. In 2016, an effort was made to delete the records. A lawsuit filed by two Trump supporters, however, prevented the destruction of the data and led to current concerns on the part of those who participated in the IDNYC program. The number of immigrants with an IDNYC card is estimated to exceed 600,000, making this a serious concern for many living and working in the Big Apple.

Immigration Arrests on the Rise

According to figures released by the federal government, immigration officials have arrested more than 2,600 people in New York City over the last year. Across the country, immigration authorities are reporting a 40 percent increase in arrests. Many of those arrested and threatened with deportation have no criminal record and are being targeted solely on the basis of their undocumented status. Seeking the help of a New York deportation lawyer is essential for immigrants worried about their status in the current political climate.

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