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Immigration Lawyers in NYC Reveal Why Ellis Island Still Matters

immigration lawyers in NYCFor just about all the immigration lawyers in NYC, Ellis Island is a place of special significance. It was not just the gateway for million of immigrants to enter the country. Ellis Island is a symbol of the country’s greatest instincts and most noble pursuits. It has been decades since Ellis Island swept immigrants through its doors, but the site remains a potent and valuable part of American history. To illustrate why, learn about the importance and impressiveness of Ellis Island as agreed upon by immigration lawyers in NYC.

The Early History

Ellis Island was first purchased by the state of New York in 1794, but for much of its early history it was used for military applications. Until it became a hub for immigration, people coming to America by way of New York entered the country at the Castle Garden Immigration Depot in Lower Manhattan.

Construction of the Island

The federal government was not issued control over immigration until 1890. Ellis Island was immediately tapped to be an immigration processing center, and $75,000 was set aside to construct facilities. Debris from the construction of the NY subway system was used to increase the size of the island from two to six acres. The first depot was an ornate three-story structure that opened to much fan-fare in January of 1892. Three ships were standing by to land, and 700 immigrants were processed over the first day. In just the first year, a total of 450,000 immigrants were processed.

The Legacy of Ellis Island

Over the course of its history as an active immigration depot, Ellis Island processed upwards of 12 million immigrants. For many of those who passed through, the Island remains a symbol of their greatest hopes and dreams. The same is true for many immigration lawyers in NYC. Immigration has never been a simple or straightforward subject. But in spite of that, the US has been eager to welcome people from all nations searching for a better life. Ellis Island continues to represent that to this day.

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