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New Crimes Added to Deportation List for New York City

Deportation Lawyer

Hiring a New York Deportation Lawyer

Immigration advocates and local officials alike are up in arms about a recent change in the immigration policies of New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio added seven new crimes to the list of those considered grounds for cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), up from 170 to 177. This represents a major shift for the leadership of New York City, which has historically come down on the side of immigrants in disputes with federal agencies like ICE and the Border Patrol. Consulting with a qualified New York immigration lawyer can provide added help for those concerned about their legal status in the current political environment.

Crimes in Line With Other Deportation Offenses

The crimes added to the list of deportable offenses included cases of sex trafficking and underage prostitution. According to de Blasio, these additions to the list “fit exactly the type of offenses that are in the original 170.” The addition of the seven new offenses does represent a new challenge for undocumented immigrants as well as those who are in this country legally. This has led to some serious questions on the part of immigration advocates and Democrats who see this move as a first step down a slippery slope to fewer protections for immigrants in New York.

Finding the Right New York Deportation Lawyer

Working with a qualified attorney can provide you with added peace of mind when dealing with visa overstays, problems with ICE, deportation proceedings and many other issues that can arise for immigrants in our area. Your New York immigration lawyer will work with you to complete and file paperwork and to represent you in and out of court. This can provide you and your family with an added layer of protection against adverse actions from ICE and deportation proceedings that may be taken against you.

At Pozo Goldstein, we offer comprehensive help for individuals and families who need legal help for immigration issues in the New York area. Our team consists of proven professionals and includes a former judge and two former prosecutors in the immigration field. Call us today at 212-201-9031 to schedule a free consultation in our office. Our New York immigration team is here to help you manage your immigration issues and to achieve the best possible outcomes for your situation.