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New York Gubernatorial Primary Results May Indicate Continued Support for Immigrants

New York Immigration Policy

With the primary elections behind us, many residents of New York are looking to the general elections this fall to determine what direction is likely for New York immigration policy. The defeat of Cynthia Nixon, widely regarded as the more progressive Democrat in the primary race, leaves Andrew Cuomo as the best hope for immigration advocates in the state. Cuomo will face Republican challenger Marc Molinaro and other candidates representing the Green, Libertarian and other parties on the ballot.

What the Election Means for Immigrants

The city and state of New York are known for their welcoming attitude toward immigrants and the protections they afford for undocumented and documented immigrants within their borders. A change in the gubernatorial policies of the state, however, could have a significant impact on the prospects for immigrants throughout New York City and New York State.

A Move to the Left

Most political experts believe that the presence of Cynthia Nixon in the primary race forced Andrew Cuomo to adopt more progressive policies. This could be good news for the more than 4.5 million immigrants who live and work in New York. By ensuring that these individuals are protected and given a fair chance to pursue their goals in this country, political leaders can ensure the most diverse and healthiest environment for residents and businesses in the city and state of New York.

The Best Help for Immigrants in New York

Working with a qualified and experienced New York immigration lawyer is usually the best first step toward resolving issues with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other federal immigration agencies. Your New York immigration lawyer can provide you with expert guidance and support that can help you navigate the legal requirements for obtaining a green card or going through the citizenship application process.

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