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A New York Immigration Attorney on Deportation Risks

Automatic Deportation

As a New York immigration attorney, it is necessary to inform you that there are some situations that will result in your automatic deportation. If you are convicted of a felony or even certain misdemeanors, you are subject to immediate deportation. However, you need to be advised that in the case of criminal convictions, immediate is a relative term. You will first be incarcerated, serve out your prison sentence, then you will be deported.

Possible Deportation

If you enter the country illegally, you may also be deported. This also includes people who enter the country legally but overstay their visas. As a New York immigration attorney can tell you, there is also a risk of deportation for those who enter the country on a visa for one purpose but pursue another. For example, if you enter on a vacation visa but then work. You must apply for a work visa to work.

Asylum Application

When you enter the country legally, but then apply for a change of status, i.e., apply for political asylum, you risk deportation. A New York immigration attorney will tell you that even though you entered legally, an application for asylum is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to stay. You need the legal representation that a New York immigration attorney can provide to help facilitate the process.

Representation against Deportation

There are many reasons that you can be deported. There are also a number of reasons that you can be allowed to stay. A New York immigration attorney is indispensable in the process of your fighting deportation from the United States.

A Cautionary Tale

The immigration process in the United States is complicated. Depending upon a variety of variables, your application may take, literally, years to process. A New York immigration attorney is your best defense against deportation and to make your way through what can be a very long and convoluted process. There is no reason to try to do this alone. Protect yourself and your family in one of the most important undertakings that you will ever attempt.

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