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NYC Immigration Lawyers and the Candidates Stances on Immigration

Immigration and the Election

NYC Immigration Lawyers: The Democratic Stance

The Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, see immigrants not only as an important part of America’s history but also as an important part of America’s future. Clinton’s position on immigration reform calls for an almost immediate change (within her first 100 days in Office,) to immigration law and deportation policies. It also addresses their application and procedures, looking towards a more humane application of same. However, Clinton also calls for increased border security and vetting of those who immigrate to the US. For an immigration attorney in NYC, I am heartened to see the respect displayed towards immigrants and for their past and future accomplishments and contributions to us all.

NYC Immigration Lawyers: The Republican Stance

The Republicans, led by Donald Trump, do share the view that immigrants have been an integral part of the fabric of America’s past; however, he is more prone to limiting rather than encouraging future immigration. Trump’s position is that there is a need to end any amnesty programs for those who have illegally entered in the past and immediate, (he says “day one,”) deportation of anyone who has a criminal record. This is without exception. NYC immigration lawyers will want to be on the lookout for this! He, too, states that there needs to be an increase in border security and vetting of future immigrants, to the extent that he intends to triple the number of ICE agents. For NYC immigration lawyers, the potential changes that Trump proposes suggest what could become a very busy time indeed.

NYC Immigration Lawyers: Mutual Agreement

We see that both parties agree on the fact that America would not be America without immigrants. They also both see a need for increased border security and better vetting of future immigrants. There their ways seem to part.

NYC Immigration Lawyers: Pozo Goldstein, LLP

For NYC immigration lawyers, look forward to seeing the new policies and procedures integrated and assisting previous and former immigrants in surviving and successfully navigating same. If you need the best immigration attorney in NYC, rest assured that they practice here in the Offices of Pozo Goldstein, LLP.