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New Rules Could Penalize Legal Immigrants for Using Public Benefits

Legal Immigrants

A new rule proposed by the Trump administration could discourage or even prevent legal immigrants from accessing the public benefits to which they are legally entitled. The rule would make it much more difficult for immigrant families who receive food stamps and other federal and state benefits to obtain green cards or to become citizens of the United States. By counting their access to these benefits as evidence that they are a drain on government resources, immigration officials could delay or deny any applications for lawful permanent residency or for citizenship.

Numerous Public Programs Are Included

While the exact text of the law has not yet been released, most experts believe it would penalize immigrants who legally receive benefits from the following types of programs:

Participation in these programs by any member of their immediate family could count against immigrants who are seeking green cards or citizenship.

Rule Would Apply to Documented Legal Immigrants and Their Families

Unlike most other initiatives proposed by the Trump administration, this rule appears to be aimed directly at legal immigrants working their way through the immigration system. Many of these individuals are here under temporary protected status or came here legally through the immigration system. Some have children who were born in the U.S. and who are legally U.S. citizens. If any member of the family receives benefits from public programs, however, these individuals could lose their ability to get a green card or to achieve permanent legal residency in this country.

Now Is the Time to Act

Seeking the help of an experienced New York immigration lawyer can be a good first step toward achieving your goals and ensuring your right to remain in the U.S. legally. Your New York immigration lawyer can act on your behalf to provide you with the best possible options for your situation.

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