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Profit-Driven Prisons Creating Real Issues for Immigrant Detainees

Detained Immigrants

Prisons for profit are earning more than ever thanks to Trump administration policies regarding detained immigrants in the U.S. Cost-cutting measures put in place by these profit-driven institutions, however, have led to complaints of inedible food and violations of civil rights by immigrants who are being detained in these prisons. Hunger strikes, riots and lawsuits have resulted from the treatment inmates have received at the hands of guards in privately run prisons.

Children Also at Risk

According to figures obtained by the New York Times, 12,800 migrant children were being held in for-profit shelters contracted by the federal government in September 2018. These children may be at risk because of the focus these institutions put on profit. By buying cheaper food and skimping on health care, private prisons can increase their financial returns. Immigrants and their children, however, may be paying the price.

Brutality a Way of Life for Detained Immigrants

Some detainees have filed suit against private prisons and the federal government for what they contend were violations of their civil rights. Immigrants claim that prison guards beat them, used pepper spray on them and failed to provide them with health care and edible food. Inmates in one Adelanto, California, facility staged a hunger strike in response to these actions against them. Some of these detainees had fled horrific conditions in their home countries and were awaiting a decision on their applications for asylum in the U.S.

Seeking the Right Legal Assistance

For immigrants and their families in our area, seeking the help of a New York immigration lawyer can provide a proactive way to clarify their legal status and to resolve issues quickly. This can sometimes allow undocumented immigrants to avoid legal actions on the part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and can ensure that they are not subjected to the inhumane conditions found in these prisons for profit. Your New York immigration lawyer can provide you with expert help and guidance in dealing with visa issues and achieving the right to remain in the U.S. legally.

If you need the services of a qualified New York immigration lawyer, Pozo Goldstein can provide you with the right help for your case. We work with immigrants across the New York area to ensure the most assertive and effective representation. Give our offices a call today at 212-201-9031 to schedule a consultation with our attorneys. We look forward to the chance to help you pursue your own American dream.