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Trump Refers to Immigrants as “Animals” in White House Meeting

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Once again demonstrating his contempt for immigrants to the U.S., President Donald Trump used harsh language when describing undocumented workers, stating “These aren’t people, these are animals.” The comments were made during a May 16, 2018, White House meeting to discuss California’s controversial sanctuary laws. The Trump administration has opposed these measures, citing their chilling effect on the ability of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to track down immigrants using data from California law enforcement databases.

Harsh Rhetoric Now the Norm

Trump’s language has been condemned by many immigration advocates and politicians. This type of rhetoric, however, has become much more common among opponents of legal and illegal immigration and seems designed to create a negative public image of these at-risk individuals. By demonizing undocumented workers, for example, it may become more likely that harsher legislation can be passed to prevent these individuals from achieving a pathway to legal residency and citizenship in the United States.

Legal Protections for New York Immigrants

Closer to home, New York has also taken steps to protect the vulnerable immigrant population within the city limits . In October 2017, New York City prohibited city employees from using city property to assist ICE agents in their enforcement efforts. The legislation passed by the City Council also bans city staffers from spending time on duty to help ICE track down undocumented immigrants within the city limits. These laws are intended to protect the rights of families and individuals in the New York City area.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

If you are currently dealing with visa issues or other factors that could affect your ability to stay in the U.S. legally, working with a qualified and experienced New York immigration lawyer can be a good first step toward resolving these problems and beginning your journey toward legal residency and eventual citizenship. Your New York immigration lawyer can help you deal with the paperwork and the legal requirements involved in obtaining a green card for yourself or your family members.

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