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Trump Changes Rules for Asylum Applications to Block Caravan Members

Asylum Applications

In what appears to be another transparent grab by the Trump administration, new rules were announced on November 8, 2018, that would allow President Donald Trump to deny asylum to almost all immigrants who cross the border illegally to seek protection in the United States. This represents a major change to the current policies in place and could cause serious harm to the welfare of immigrants fleeing untenable conditions in their home countries.

An End to Sanctuary for Immigrants

Most experts believe that Trump’s latest move is intended to prevent members of the so-called “caravan” heading northward from Central America from having their cases for asylum heard in a fair and equitable manner. By entering the country at any point outside the established ports of entry, immigrants could be eliminating any chance of a hearing for asylum and could be summarily deported back to their home countries without an opportunity to make their case in immigration court.

A Potentially Illegal Executive Order

According to the law, immigrants can apply for asylum regardless of where they enter the country. Both those who enter through ports of entry and those who arrive in the country through other methods are legally entitled to apply for asylum, according to Omar Jadwat, the director of the Immigrants’ Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union. Trump’s attorneys, however, are expected to point to the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which gives the president wide-ranging powers to block entry for some or all immigrants and visitors and to impose restrictions on entry for all those seeking to come to the United States.

Increased Need for Legal Help

For immigrants currently in the U.S. or seeking asylum, the right legal representation can make a big difference in the outcome of the application. Working with a qualified New York immigration lawyer is a solid first step toward success in achieving asylum or resolving visa issues. Your New York immigration lawyer can be your best resource for dealing with these problems and protecting your right to remain in the United States legally.

At Pozo Goldstein, we can provide you with access to a New York immigration lawyer to handle all aspects of your visa application, deportation proceedings or application for citizenship in the United States. We work with you at every step of the process to ensure that your case is handled in the most effective way. If you need the most practical solutions for your immigration case, call our offices today at 212-201-9031 to set up an in-office consultation with our team of experienced attorneys. We look forward to the chance to meet you and your family.