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New York Immigration Lawyer Frieda Goldstein
When it comes to immigration, Frieda Goldstein fights for her clients as if they are her friends, and in many cases, they become just that – and it’s not hard to see why. She might be a fierce fighter for those seeking asylum and other immigration services, but she is also a family oriented attorney...
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NYC Deportation Lawyer
A decision handed down by the New York Supreme Court on November 27, 2018, could have a far-reaching effect on the ability of immigrants to request a jury trial when deportation is a possible outcome for their cases. The high court ruled that deportation could be a worse outcome than jail time in some cases....
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Undocumented Immigrant Children
Families who come forward to sponsor undocumented immigrant children are being targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation. According to ICE officials, individuals and families who have stepped up to take in migrant children are subject to background checks and fingerprinting. More than 40 people have been detained by ICE and are currently...
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This week on Tuesday, Halloween afternoon, the first ISIS inspired terrorist attack in the country since President Trump took office took place in New York City, on Manhattan’s lower west side, in the shadow of the World Trade Center Memorial.  The culprit, an Uzbek immigrant, rented a truck and drove it along a bike path...
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President Trump’s second attempt to prevent people from Muslim countries from traveling to the U.S. suffers another defeat. The executive order which is a “watered down” version of the first travel ban that was announced shortly after President Trump was sworn is dead in the water. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower...
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Looking Abroad for Talent Sometimes a company can’t find the right person to fill a position. They advertise and try to headhunt talent from other local businesses. They interview candidate after candidate, and the company can’t find the right person. So, what can this company do? They broaden their search to another city, and sometimes...
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