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Risks Remain Even for Residents of Sanctuary Cities

New York Immigrant Detention

Despite its status as a sanctuary city, immigrants are still at risk of detention and deportation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in New York City. New York Police Department policies offer some protections for immigrants who report crimes or who are cited for misdemeanor offenses. ICE can still arrest those suspected of immigration violations within the city. In most cases, however, city law enforcement officials offer little or no help to federal authorities in pursuing undocumented individuals in New York City.

Courthouses a Popular Target for ICE

New York City courthouses have become a high-risk environment for undocumented immigrants over the past year. ICE officials have been frequenting these areas and detaining individuals who are appearing in court for a wide range of offenses ranging from misdemeanor traffic violations to felonies. This has made it difficult for some immigrants to stay on the right side of the law when dealing with legal issues in the New York City area. In some cases, working with a qualified New York immigration lawyer can provide added help in avoiding entanglements with ICE in these environments.

No Safe Place

While courtrooms are a favored spot for arrests, reports of ICE agents entering churches and private residences and waiting outside schools have prompted concerns among immigration advocates and undocumented workers alike. The real risk that ICE could show up at these locations can cast a pall over the daily activities of immigrants and could interfere with the educational opportunities available to children. Working with an experienced New York immigration lawyer to correct any issues with visas and residency could be a solid proactive step toward ensuring the right to remain and restoring some peace of mind to individuals living and working in this country.

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