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Teamster Joint Council 16 Declares Itself a Sanctuary Union for Undocumented Workers

New York Undocumented Immigrants

In what appears to be a response to the aggressive actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over the past year, Teamster Joint Council 16 has announced that it will serve as a sanctuary union for undocumented immigrants who are currently working and living in New York City. To shield these members from adverse actions by ICE, the labor union will not collect information that could potentially be used by the agency against these vulnerable individuals.

A Response to the Deportation Threat

In 2017, ICE deported a member of Teamster Joint Council 16 who had been a member of the union for more than 25 years. This action prompted an assertive response from the Teamsters that included lobbying for added protections for immigrants from employers, setting up workshops to help undocumented workers resolve their immigration issues and the latest move to prevent ICE from accessing information that could prove harmful to undocumented members of the union.

Taking Care of Their Own

The Teamsters has a proud history of welcoming immigrants and providing them with representation to ensure fair wages and safer working environments in New York City. The latest moves to protect undocumented workers by the union are in the same spirit and are intended to provide a greater sense of security for members of this illustrious organization. In many cases, the workshops offered by Teamster Joint Council 16 could encourage workers to seek help from a qualified New York immigration lawyer to resolve any outstanding issues with their status and to protect their right to remain in the U.S. legally.

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